About Us

The Westgate Animal Clinic was founded upon the idea of building a practice that does more than just treat animals in need. Dr.Petersen challenged the typical operations of a veterinary clinic and modernized it to encompass some necessary modifications. The Westgate Animal Clinic delivers more efficient doctor-patient interactions in an environment specifically designed to put your pet at ease. Our improved workflow allows for less time in the waiting room,  granting more face time with the doctor.

Since you are the advocate for your pet, additional time with our doctors increases their ability to gain insight from you, thoroughly examine your pet, and answer any outstanding questions. Decreasing the number of interactions your pet has with others in our office will help keep your pet focused and calm in an unfamiliar and anxious environment. Every aspect and service provided in our clinic has been designed, practiced, and perfected to make you and your pet’s trip to the vet as enjoyable as possible.